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How to ensure a good fit for your rimless eyeglasses

If you are going to buy a pair of rimless eyeglasses, it will certainly pay for you to find out more about how to ensure a good fit for your rimless glasses. There are several factors that have to be taken into account that will help you ensure a good fit for your rimless eyeglasses. The strength of your prescription is one factor. A second factor is the frame size and third factor relates to how fashionable or stylish you want the rimless eyeglasses to be. By addressing these issues in advance you stand a good chance of ensuring a good fit for your rimless glasses.

Get your prescription
The first thing that you need to do is obtain a copy of an optician’s prescription. The law states that your eye-care provider must provide you with a copy of your prescription. You can also get a prescription from an eyeglass store which employs its own optometrist.

Buy metal frames
The second step is that of deciding on what kind of rimless frames you want to buy. Metal is an option and it is available in casual as well as formal style. Before picking a frame, be sure to try it out and ensure that it fits properly.

Pick a suitable shape
It is important that you pick a shape that is right for your facial structure. The right option is to pick a shape that is not the same as your facial structure. So, for a round face, pick square frames and for an angular shape and for a square facial structure, pick a round frame.

If your prescription strength is strong then it pays to pick frames that are small in size. A power of two or three or higher indicates a strong prescription. In such a case you will do well to pick a small sized frame. However, if your prescription is higher than six, then it does not pay to go for rimless eyeglasses.

The reason why you should not choose rimless glasses for prescription strength of six or higher is that for such strength the lenses will be too thick for nearsightedness and too thin for farsightedness.

Also, before choosing rimless eyeglasses, be sure to check the nose piece. The nose pad must be comfortable and it should also be soft and not put too much pressure on your nose. Also, before selecting your rimless eyeglass frames, you should try on the glasses and keep them on your face for a few minutes. If they stay well on your face then you can rest assured that they will prove to be a good fit for your face.

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